Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Funny Bunny

Funny Bunny
Rachel Learnard
pictures by Alice and Martin Provensen
Simon and Schuster, 1950

Culled from the attic that holds the seeds of my youth, Funny Bunny is IT as far as my son is concerned. This oversized Big Golden Book is the new fave at Gee Mee Mee's (Grandma's) house, and I remember being rather fond of it myself back in the day (thus the super-crusty cover). Now that she's home from the hospital, and my son and I are nursing her back to health, I'm sure she's gonna get an earful of it in the days to come. Possible the cutest story ever about a bunny with no tail and following his adventure to find one is a big bowl of fun with a fuzzy, little cotton ball on top.

Long years ago, when the very first bunny came to the forest, he didn't have any tail at all. All the other animals had tails and thought he looked pretty funny without one, so they called him Funny Bunny.

The pictures here are nothing short of awesome, and design wise ~ considering they were sketched some fifty years ago ~ they are pretty cutting edge. They may, in fact, be my favorite children's book animal drawings of all time. Plus, the floral end pages drive me wild! I can't imagine any kid not digging this ditty. Have a look!

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1 comment:

Sarah M said...

very cool. I have quite the assortment of Golden Books AND I call my lil guy "funny bunny"....it looks like I'll have to scout around for this one.

Hope your family is doing well.

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