Friday, July 4, 2008

More Easy Answers

More Easy Answers
Joyce Richards
picts by Susan Perl
published 1977 by Platt and Munk

I'm not sure what place this woman has in the history of children's literature, but I doubt there were many of us born in the 70s that were not totally entranced by her hip drawings. It's all there. The freaky fashion. The weird mix of the organic and synthetic. To me she just screams the era from which I sprung. I love how in each drawing there are all kinds of little sub-dramas occurring... usually involving animals. (Check the carrot drama unfolding afoot in this one.)

Yea, this is a book that frankly answers some of life's little questions...

What is sand?

Sand is bits of rock and minerals and shells and coral that have been ground into tiny grains of wind, rain, waves, or freezing weather. Beaches and deserts are made of sand. There is sand at the bottom of the ocean and in deep lakes. Where else is sand? In sandboxes!

The title page states "this book was created from the award-winning advertising campaign for Health-Tex clothes in response to requests from parents and educators throughout the country." Ahhh... the beginning of the end, but still... those ads were rad if you remember. I know it is cheesy to post on this one, but come on, I had to share those bad-to-the bone overalls and the awesome bandanna-trimmed, short sleeve cowboy shirt... stylin'.

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Esme Raji Codell said...

Mmmm, I remember loving this up. So that explains the way I dress!

Thanks for the blast from the past...

sf said...

I grew up in the 60's, but STILL loved these, and yeah, they had an irrevocable influence. . .

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