Saturday, February 6, 2010

Fireside Book of Folk Songs

Fireside Book of Folk Songs
Alice and Martin Provensen
selected & edited by Margaret Bradford Boni
arrangement by Norman Lloyd
Simon and Schuster, 1947

Getting ready for the big surprise week starting on Monday, and now nursing a sick hubby to boot. Whew! Will we ever all be well at the same time again? That said, remember to enter the Great Monday Give before midnight tomorrow, and enjoy this weekend treat. A big, fat songbook I picked up today at a library sale filled with an amazing collection of tunes, all featuring wonderful (as always) illustrations by the Provensen pair. The songs are in sections: Ballads and Old Favorites, Work Songs, Marching Songs and Songs of Valor, Christmas Carols, Old Hymns and Sprirituals, and feature any and every ditty you think might be included. Enjoy!Also by:
A Child's Garden of Verses
Roses are Red. Are Violets Blue??
Funny Bunny
The Mother Goose Book
Animal Fair
My Little Hen
Our Friends at Maple Hill Farm


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Jennifer Gregory Miller said...

Oh, I just love this collection! My parents had this book and I played from it all the time!

Ward Jenkins said...

The Fireside collection feature some of the best artists of the time. The Provensens are some of my favorite - love me some Alice & Martin!

Other ones worth finding:

The Fireside Cook Book (which has currently been reprinted)

The Fireside Book of American Songs (fantastic book with incredible artwork by Aurelius Battaglia)

vanessa said...

I recently picked up The Fireside Book of American Songs, but now, I think I need to find a copy of this one! It's so beautiful!

LadyD said...

Oh how I love music and my grandson knows some of these songs. What fun!

Christina E. Rodriguez said...

Beautiful illustrations! They're so full of life, and I love the style.

The Fireside Collection included a cookbook? Oh I must find that somewhere, too!

Playing by the book said...

The illustrations are so beautiful, and after Silly Eagle's recent post on songbooks and singing in the home this sounds particularly lovely.

Anonymous said...

What a darling book, full of old favourites. Gill.

Swati said...

Hope hubby gets well soon!

Anonymous said...

I LOVE the Fireside Book of Folk Songs. Another GREAT book for getting kids into reading AND singing is In My Grandmother's Garden, byt Kit Eakle. It tells a true story of the love between a Grandmother and her grand daughter, in a delightful song with GORGEOUS pictures by the author's, mother, and the grandmother in the story, Jean Eakle. Find it at <a href="> In My Grandmother's Garden dot com</a>. Enjoy!

tomkyks said...

I want to sell an original "Fireside Book Of Folk Songs" in excellent conditions but I have no idea about the market price.

Maybe there´s someone who helps me?

Many thanks.

MysticalChicken said...

We still have this book. It's sitting on top of the piano as I type this. I never played from it, but as a kid I'd look through it just for the illustrations.

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