Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Miss Sniff

Miss Sniff
Jane Curry with illustrations by Florence Sarah Winship/ published 1945 by Whitman Publishing Co.

Rooting through my mom’s books, I came across this one which just happens to be her all-time favorite. It still has her name “SALLY” scribbled in sweet childhood letters in the front. Published as a “Fuzzy Wuzzy” book, the main character kitty appears in the illustrations coated with a fussy, black fur that my mom remembers being soooo thick and wonderful. The fur is still holding on, and the illustrations are as colorful and vivid as yesteryear. Very sweet story... very sweet book. My son digs it hard.

“That is a smart cat,” said Aunt Cordelia, “but she is going to be a mischief.” “Missniff,” said Polly Pinks, who was just a little girl and couldn’t say a big word like mischief. From that day on the little, black, fuzzy kitten was called Miss Sniff.

Needless to say, the cat does get into some shenanigans that lead to a male suitor and the ultimate mischief, if you know what I mean. Love is all we need. Well, that and loads of offspring.

NOTE: My reviews might be a little short this week. I am actually in the parking lot at the hospital stealing Wi-Fi. Looks like my scanner is DOA too, so hopefully snapshots like this one will do. Hope everyone had a great holiday!

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Anonymous said...

We love your blog but we can't figure out how to contact you. Can you email editor@smallmagazine.net with your address- we have a small proposal for you.

Sarah M said...

hey way to go (above)!!
This looks great, I love images like the one in this book. Hope everything is going okay for your family.

Unknown said...

Only today I was telling someone about my experiences as a young child and having this book read to me endless times. It was my favorite. In fact, I loved it so much, my Mother was able to get to take Pepto Bismol easily by telling me it was "Polly Pinks" medicine. I remember running my hands over Miss Sniff's black furry coat and being amazed that such a thing was in my book. No other books had such a wonderful feature, at least none that I knew of. Seeing the picture you posted was a wonderful warm experience

Liz said...

I, too, loved "Miss Sniff" as a child!
Thanks for posting the illustration, which brought back wonderful memories of my mother reading this book to my sister and me.

Unknown said...

I loved it too....but for a long time was only remembering Polly Pinks and not Miss Sniff.
How I’d love to have the book for a niece who loves animals and pink!

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