Wednesday, July 30, 2008

The Great Big Happy Book

The Great Big Happy Book
by Caroline and Judith Horowitz with pictures by Margery Deckinger/ published 1947 by Hart Publishing Co

Even though this belonged to my mother, it featured pretty prominently in my own childhood. This was the sort of book that I loved when I was wee. One that is filled with a hundred different stories and adventures and games and fun and puzzles.... just one great big book of happy! I love the author's dedication in the front... "To all the wonderful little kids we know".

The publishers put an introduction in the beginning that promises worlds of educational value in the pages that follow, and it's filled with gems like these:

"This will be a valuable experience in his development, and you will find that he will be able to talk freely in a manner which will sometimes amaze you."

"These particular games will keep your children happily busy without any supervision on your part."

"The Acting Songs & Poems listed on page 7 are particularly suited for recitation."

This drawing is from the story Timi and the Elephant which I remember with particular fondness. The elephant has a house on his back for goodness sake. How cool is that!?! 126 pages of awesome that end with the funniest thing ever... The Silly Sally Song.

I see with my ears,
I hear with my nose,
I walk on my hands,
And wiggle my toes!
I fiddle a faddle;
And then, in between
I diddle a daddle --
If you know what I mean!

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