Thursday, September 1, 2011

My Little Hen

My Little Hen
Alice and Martin Provensen ~ Random House, 1973

More Martin and Alice to help begin the closing of the week. The shortest and sweetest of all the Provensen books I've seen, my bird lover takes this one especially to heart.

Mrs. Parker has a new hen named Etta.
Mrs. Parker's little girl is named Emily.
Emily loves Etta.
Etta has laid an egg for Emily.

You can imagine what happens next.

She eats the egg.

No, just kidding. Of course, she doesn't eat the egg. Protecting it from all sorts of danger, she and Etta love that little oval until it hatches into a wee little chick that grows and grows and grows into a big beautiful bantam. Emily with her wispy hair and her sweet, one-line smile is heaven. Not to mention the chickens. Makes you believe for a few minutes that the creatures are actually snuggable.

Mr. and Mrs. Provensen never disappoint.

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Jamboree of Whitley Bay said...

So sweet, at first on the preview image on blogger roll - I thought the little girl was wearing a crown, seeing the full image made it only so much more sweeter. Will have to see if i can hunt down a copy - thank you for posting.

Tera said...

I need this book!!!!!

Jaedyn said...

This is so cute! I found it at paperbackswap. :)

stephanie said...

we love chickens and chicken books. I can't believe I've never seen this one before!

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