Thursday, June 6, 2013

Little Boy Brown Reissued, WOOT!

I received a catalog in the mail this week from the always awesome Enchanted Lion Books. Upon casually flipping through the pages, I was delighted to come across Little Boy Brown, a lost beauty I've long championed here on VKBMKLs. This is one of my top five favorite vintage children's books EVER. Quirky, strange and savagely sentimental. All my fave components to a good book.

Looks like they will be reissuing it just in time for Christmas, November 2013, and I couldn't be more thrilled. It's good to have the children on my holiday list already crossed off. Getting a head start!

 It also happens to be the last week of school here in Texas.

 Third grade, here we come! 


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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

The Runaway Giant

The Runaway Giant
Adelaide Holl ~ Mamoru Funai ~ William Morrow, 1967 

I just back from Book Expo America, which was like old home week. So much fun seeing so many good friends. Plus, I got to meet Mo Willems (who is a fricking ROCK STAR) and the absolutely incredible Jarrett Krosoczka who writes and illustrates the wildly popular Lunch Lady graphic novel series. We love his books at this house, plus Jarrett has a truly inspiring story that makes you love him even more. (If you haven't listened to the piece NPR did on him recently, check it out. Fabulous!)

But I am not here to talk about all that. I'm only mentioning it because is was flaming hot in NYC last week, and it's pretty dang hot down here in Texas. I thought a white weather story might cool things down a bit.

One winter day when snow covered the ground
like frosting on a birthday cake
Brown Bear curled warm in his rocky cave,
dreaming of sweet wild honey.
Rabbit huddled snug in his hollow log,
dreaming of green grasses and clover.
Crow drowsed in a thorn-berry bush
thinking of ripe, golden kernels of corn.
All at once, from a high tree
there came a loud chattering.
It was squirrel calling down to the others
in a quick, frightened voice.
"Danger! Danger!" he screamed.
"Wake up! Wake up! Wake up!"

Heaven only knows what lies ahead. This small band of animals takes on an unknown enemy in the dead of winter who, with each confrontation, grows smaller and smaller. I won't give away who the unknown enemy is, but let's just say the animals feel mighty proud in their defeat even if the true victor is Mother Nature herself. Wonderful pencil drawings with delicate color and dear, sweet animals. 

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