Thursday, July 24, 2008

The Wonders of the Seasons

The Wonders of the Seasons
by Bertha Morris Parker with pictures by Eloise Wilkin/ published 1966 by Golden Press

Will the treasures never cease? Yet another Big Golden Book and this one by one of my all time faves. Ms. Wilkin is pretty much IT in my book when it comes to illustrators of my childhood. Unlike important classics where the book or the story is what sticks in your mind, with Ms. Wilkin it is her illustrating style in general that is so miraculous. The perfect faces on the children and how they are always close to nature no matter what the situation... be it helping daddy take care of the lawn, going to kindergarten for the first time, or here, discovering the wonder of the seasons.

Spring is a time
for baby animals.
Baby birds hatch out
in their nests in the trees.
Lambs and colts and bunnies
frolic about.
Polliwogs swim in the ponds.
Caterpillars are busy
eating and eating
the new green leaves.

I am all about frolicking and polliwogs.... I especially love the end papers on this one... Little vignettes. A Spring Morning. A Summer Evening. A Fall Afternoon. A Winter Night. Nothing less than precious. (Too bad they don't have a page for Roasting Your Ass Off. It might help me explain the current weather situation to the little guy.)

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daysease said...

Hope you do not think this is tacky, but i have sent you an award... please check at for more. hope you and your mom are doing okay...

Heather said...

So beautiful!! I'm so glad you showed this one - I'm going to have to start searching!

Burgin Streetman said...

thanks guys! you won't even believe that there are at least a dozen more Big Golden Books to go!

Kim said...

I love Eloise Wilkins. Her illustrations just capture my heart with such a sweet innocence. We have a Golden Book Treasury of many of her works. I could look at them for hours.

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