Thursday, October 29, 2009

Susan Perl's Color Wheel

Susan Perl's Color Wheel
Peter Robinson ~ Susan Perl ~ Platt & Munk, 1979

OK, this one at least has a two-page Halloween spread. Sue me.

After my blog post the other day and a great comment by reader Ann about where to get an eyeful of one of Susan Perl's old Health-Tex ads, I scrambled around the shelves to dig up more of her books and came across this beauty, a Farris wheel of rainbow dreams to set any childhood alight with color.

Come take a spin on the color-go-round. Open up your eyes and look around you! Everything in the world has color--from the smallest red ladybug to the biggest brown dog. Some things like a rainbow or a map, have many colors. Other things, like milk or the sun, have only one. Balloons can be any color; a lump of coal can be only one. All this color, changing and churning, makes the world a beautiful, beautiful place. Even the eyes you see with have color. Do you know the color of your eyes?

Though I do not totally agree with the logic (the sun as only one color? what? that mother changes all the time... and coal being only black? what about gray when burnt? anyways...), the revelation of wonder is evident on every page of this delightful picture prism. When I read this one to my son he usually answers that last eye color question with.... "My eyes are blue and white and black and sometimes when I pull my face down like this (insert visual of cheeks pulled down here), they are red." Nicely put little guy. Hate to effuse yet again about the adorability of Perl's children and animals but geez... those squirrel toes... those ruddy baby cheeks. It's almost more than I can stand.

Happy Thursday, you guys. I promise I will find at least one wicked book for tomorrow. In the meantime, isn't that tiger costume just divine?

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daysease said...

What beautifully drawn children!!! love the illustrations and color! thank you for this review...

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