Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Petunia Takes a Trip

Petunia Takes a Trip
Roger Duvoisin ~ Knopf, 1953

Just when I think I've read every last Petunia book, a new one finds me. On loan from my son's new school library, it's only been a few days since the first read and already I'm of the opinion that these might be the best Petunia drawings yet.

Petunia first appeared in 1950 followed by a host of other books like Petunia's Christmas, Petunia Beware, Petunia I Love You, Petunia and the Song, Petunia's Treasure, not to mention the various Veronica books she cameos in. Am I missing anything? Duvoisin delights, as always, with his thin lines and bold colors, but this time set away from the meadows and farmland Petunia usually roams. A dear goose with a stubborn heart, this story finds her longing to spread her wings and get out of the barnyard for a while. After a short round of calisthenics, she takes flight, only to find herself caught in the gale force winds of a storm and blown straight to what appears to be New York City.

When at last the sky cleared, Petunia saw, far below, a very strange sight. The whole earth was laid with rows of houses set close together like stones in a wall. The rows opened only to let through two rivers full of busy boats. "Oh, what an adventure," said Petunia, above the big city. "Where am I? What am I going to do?"

More, what doesn't she do.

Taken in by a taxicab driver and a policeman, they show her the city in style, then load her onto a train back to the country.

Nothing beats an amazing journey like coming home again to the cows, pigs and horses you love. I can't wait until Petunia finds us again!

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Julia's Bookbag said...

We've read 'Petunia' and 'Petunia Beware', I'm so happy to know there are others! We love that silly Petunia!

Chandra said...

Hey! You have a new look! I like! Petunia definitely looks like someone we need to get to know!

Chau said...

Just a wonderful illustration of Petunia and her adventures!

Fawn (Skat the Cat) said...

Love that silly goose! A fun story that you can read aloud to children. Cute illustrations that children would really enjoy. My favorite book is Petunia Beware, it has a moral not just for kids but even for adults.

B. Streetman said...

Thanks Chandra!

Eleanor said...

what I love most about your blog is when I see some illustration and suddenly a whole host of childhood memories come flooding back to me. Like Petunia :) Thanks for posting!

Fawn (Skat the Cat) said...

I agree with you Eleanor. I am starting to love and enjoy this blog. Burgin, you are really doing great!

B. Streetman said...

Thanks guys!

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