Friday, February 19, 2010

Prince Bertram the Bad

Prince Bertram the Bad
Arnold Lobel ~ Harper & Row, 1963

I have some time today, so I'm gonna do a write up and fill you in on a few things. In going to the library this week to sniff out vintage African American books, I, of course, shopped some library sales and found a handful of treasures... one of which I am going to give away on Monday because I already have a copy and this one isn't in the best shape but even ones in bad shape sell for tons of money and I thought that I'd make someones day and give it away. But unlike other gives, I'm gonna make you work for it as I want to make sure it gets to the person who will appreciate it most. That said, tune in on Monday to find out what it is... that is, if the suspense doesn't kill you first. Tee hee.Now, onto another much-loved book I found that the boy took to instantly. Unfortunately for you, I'm holding on to this one because it is so totally AWESOME! Who doesn't love a Lobel... and in particular, an out-of-print Lobel!?! Have a look and feel the envy my friends! Yes, I am on the hunt for books to share with my son, but in the same breath, I do get a rush out of the find. Nothing beats the light-headedness that comes with getting your hands on something really good... or really BAD, in this case!Once upon a time a prince was born. "Long live Prince Bertram!" shouted all the people in the kingdom. His mother and father, the king and queen, were very happy and proud. But Prince Bertram was not a good baby. In his crib in the royal nursery he cried all the time. When his mother took him to the park, Prince Bertram was not friendly to the other babies. Even before he was old enough to walk, he had torn up all the roses in the royal garden. The king and queen hoped that Prince Bertram would grow up to be a good boy. But as each year passed, he grew meaner and naughtier.His bad behavior gets more and more horrible until one day, while he's hitting birds with stones from his slingshot, he nails a witch who teaches him a lesson he won't soon forget, turning him into a wee little dragon. File this moral under "do unto others or ELSE!" Funny, funny stuff. I do love to see nasty little kids get their comeuppance. Lobel never, ever, ever disappoints. I just adore him, and I have yet to find a book of his the boy doesn't die for.

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Lise said...

I can see why kids would love this! Reminds me of one of my favorites from childhood: "Milicent the Monster."

Victoria Stitch said...

this looks like a great book! i love the gothicky scratchy illustrations! might have to hunt it down one day!

Anonymous said...

yes, envy!

Anonymous said...

yes, envy.

Antmusic said...

Gots to lovez da Lobel. We have this awesome book, and a lot of other great Lobel books (still missing a nice amount of them of course). Thanks for sharing these rare classics with the world!

Swati said...

Wow, lovely book. And I am going to hang on somehow even if the suspense is killing...

Playing by the book said...

ooh... sound's super! Arnold Lobel is always a winner and the illustrations look great fun.

Anonymous said...

i love this!

roxtarc said...

this was my absolute favorite as a child, and after seeing this post I was able to score one on ebay. he loves it too... my mom got all choked up too when she read it to him this wk/end.
thanks for reminding me!

Anonymous said...

I have held onto a copy of Prince Bertram since I was a child in the 60's. It is one of my absolute favorites. I read it to my first graders each year, but only I get to touch it. It is too worn and precious to take much rough handling. After reading, it is lovingly put away until the next year.

Burgin Streetman said...

great story... thanks for sharing!

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