Thursday, February 25, 2010

The Fat Cat

The Fat Cat: A Danish Folktale
Jack Kent ~ Parent's Magazine Press, 1971

I know Jack Kent week is long gone, but this was the last book I attempted to track down to share. I went to three different library locations in town only to find that all the copies in the San Antonio Library System went missing long ago. I tried to buy one online and they are all very expensive. I finally found a paperback for $12 plus shipping, so I figured it was my last chance and went for it. Only it took a while to get here, so it never got included in the festivities. And since this week the give is another famous book about a fat cat, I thought it apropos. It's been floating around our house getting loved big time and read over and over and I didn't want it to feel left out, so...

My son is all about potty humor at the moment, and while this isn't technically potty humor, it certainly falls in the same gastrointestinal species. So, there's this old woman, see. And she has to go out one day to run an errand and she asks her house cat to watch her gruel, boiling over the fire, while she's gone...

"I'll be glad to," said the cat. But when the old woman had gone, the gruel looked so good that the cat ate it all. And the pot, too. When the old woman came back, she said to the cat, "Now what has happened to the gruel? "Oh," said the cat, "I ate the gruel and I ate the pot, too. And now I am going to also eat YOU." And he ate the old woman.You can imagine where the story goes from here. The cat becomes more and more overweight, gorging himself on Mr. Skohottentot and Mr. Skolinkenlot, a bunch of birds, some little girls, a lady and a priest before a woodcutter shows up, and well, you've heard that song before. Somehow I'd missed this folktale in my youth (I know it has other children's book incarnations), so the first read was a total (delightful) surprise to me, and the boy thinks it's hysterical. Once he gets going with the giggles, it's hard to stop him. That said... I promise, no more Jack Kent for a while. (Fingers crossed silently, offline.)

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Antmusic said...

Do I need to say "Awesome"? Do I? Tee hee.

Meggan said...

My little cat, you are so fat!

I love this book!!

Femi Ford said...

i loved this book and hope to get it for xmas for my kids! thanks for posting, i had forgotten the little details.

Anonymous said...

Great book. I wish it would go back into print!

Anonymous said...

How well I remember those hottentot and linkenlot characters! Thanks so much for posting this. Vintage! Major nostalgia.

Anonymous said...

Oh it is so wonderful to see exerpts from this book! We lost ours during a move and have been looking for an affordable replacement for some time.

Kathy Schoeppner said...

This was one of my favorite books as a kid. My Granpa would read it with all different character voices! I think I gave my copy away long ago.

IGnatius T Foobar said...

I was just telling my 8 year old daughter about this book that I read when I was her age. Fat Cat, why are you so fat?

Chitra Soundar said...

Listen to Jan Blake narrate this story as a Jamaican rhythmic tale. Absolutely marvellous.

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