Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The Strange Disappearance of Arthur Cluck

The Strange Disappearance of Arthur Cluck
Nathaniel Benchley ~ Arnold Lobel ~ Harper & Row, 1967

Perhaps even more amazing than the I Can Read and I Can Read Science sets is the I Can Read Mystery series. Lots of these were written by the awesome Nathaniel (son of Robert, the Algonquin Round Table humorist and father of Peter, the creator of JAWS), and still hold up rather well. However, most famous in the series are the beloved Big Max books penned by Kin Platt and illustrated by Robert Lopshire. But back to Cluck...

Arthur Cluck was a very young chicken. His mother, Mrs. Cluck, loved him dearly. She did everything she could to make him happy. She even let him ride on her head, which is unusual for a chicken. One morning she awoke and started to get breakfast and found to her horror that Arthur was gone!

Ah, yes... The story of a little chick who goes missing and the owl who saves the day. Good stuff, friends, brought to impeccable life by the sweet strokes of Mr. Lobel's hand. Perfect for little minds that enjoy figuring things out.

Any "I Can Read" anything is 6 X 8 1/2 inches of pure joy, and Lobel's endearing illustrations always add to the awesome. Bock, bock!

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Melissa@Julias Bookbag said...

CUTENESS! Love anything Lobel. I think Julia would love this one! The other day I found a Mother Goose compilation that was completely illustrated by him, I had never seen it before! One day I had a Lobel frenzy and checked out the entire Lobel shelf. It was awesome wading through so much Lobel.

Anonymous said...

I just want to say thanks. Great book suggestions. My son loves Lobel and I'm always looking for good I can Read Books. We love Frog and Toad, but alas, there are too few of them!

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