Friday, January 13, 2012

Our Veronica Goes to Petunia's Farm

Our Veronica Goes to Petunia's Farm
Roger Duvoisin ~ Alfred A. Knopf, 1962

Headed to the Pumpkin's farm for Friday, the place in Duvoisin's imagination where Donkey romped, Petunia preened and Veronica lumbered along smiling. Here, we meet the aforementioned hippopotamus when she arrives at the farm for the first time and falls in love.

It was on a sunny morning that Veronica arrived at Mr. Pumpkin's farm. At once she saw it was a lovely place. Just right for a hippopotamus. There was a little pond to splash and turn somersaults in -- just the right size for one hippopotamus. There was a mud puddle at the end of the pond -- just the right mud for wallowing. There was a beautiful meadow -- just the right grass for eating.

And there were many animals to gossip with: Petunia the goose, Straw the horse, Cotton the cat, Clover the cow, Noisy the Dog, Charles the gander, Ida the hen, King the Rooster, and Donkey, Goat, Sheep, Pig, Piggy, Duck, and others.

Truly, thought Veronica, a hippopotamus's paradise.

Not so fast there, lady. When the rumor mill gets stirred up and the farm animals shun the poor, dear hippo, she slips into a deep depression that only the glow of true friendship can break her free from.

Love, love, love the animals on Roger's farm with their wispy tufts of hair and glowing eyes.

Always a pleasure to read.

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Mary said...

Oh, I love this! And I can definitely see an art project inspired by Veronica too!

Katie said...

Love the illustrations! The magenta on the rooster is perfect. So fun.

Siar said...

It's so cute of these animal friends, I really love them!

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Tera said...

These are going on my must have list!

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