Thursday, December 4, 2008

Petunia's Christmas

Petunia's Christmas
Roger Duvoisin ~ Alfred A Knopf, 1952

As most of you know, I am a huge Petunia fan and really anything Duvoisin... so imagine my surprise unpacking our Christmas books from the attic to find this one. A library sale score from last season that I'd all but forgotten. The illustrations are a knock out (as always), but even more than that, this is the one where our fowl heroine falls in love. (And seeing as I was married the day after Christmas, I am all about holiday romance, even more so when it's goose on goose!)

Who wouldn't fall in love with a love story that begins like this...

The new snow was soft like a kitten's fur. Petunia liked it that way, and she went out for a walk to feel it with her feet.

Thump thump. Sigh. Then she meets a gander.

"I am Petunia," said Petunia. "You are handsome."

"I am too fat," sighed Charles. "Being fattened for Christmas. Alas, I fear I'll be roasted and served with apple sauce. Aren't you being fattened too?"

"Pets aren't fattened," said Petunia. "I am a pet. Why don't you come with me and be a pet too."

And so begins the tale of one little goose with a huge heart set on freeing her one true love. When scare tactics fail, she resorts to good old fashioned hard work to save the day. Though still available in new form, there are plenty of vintage copies available online for cheap. If you only buy a single holiday book this season, make it this one. And then, ask Santa for the rest in the series!

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Chelsea Ann said...

oh dear another one to add to the list. Petunia always brightens my day! THANKS!

Burgin Streetman said...

i know... it is never ending! the worst part is, I've started to collect longer format books for the boy, and that has opened up a whole new world. stuart little and cricket in times square are just the beginning! my head is spinning.

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