Thursday, January 19, 2012

Ann Can Fly

Ann Can Fly
Fred Phleger ~ Robert Lopshire ~ Random House, 1959

In keeping with the theme of Robert Lopshire from yesterday, I offer up this snapshot of 1950s stereotyped perfection.

This is a big day for Ann. Her father will take her to camp in his new airplane. Ann has never gone up in an airplane. "Will it be fun?" she asks. "Will I like it?" Her father laughs.

Will she like it? D'uh. Notice the doting look she gives her handsome father throughout the story. As he teaches her to read the air map. As he casually looks the plane over before take off. As he teaches her about gauges and wheels and whatnot. His faint smile in the eye of the storm.

Gee, isn't he proud of her? And isn't it every girl's dream to have a pops who can fly you into summer camp and land you on the lake in front of your girlfriends, all while looking so dashing?

All kinds of awesome.

I love the angles Lopshire took in these drawings, showing the plane from so many different perspectives, giving the reader a feeling of always being above or below the action.

Really, I love this book for so many reason, it's hard to quantify. The colors. The happiness. The sky. If all father/daughter relationships were this genteel and trusting...

Oh, what a wonderful world.

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Ms. Yingling said...

*Sigh* I was marvelously distracted by the pictures on your blog. I swear that a boy I liked in the 2nd grade had a father who looked EXACTLY like Ann's. Again, sigh! Thanks for sharing these!

Eric Lehner said...

Hello from Canada - Yes, I enjoyed the book too in Toronto, in the early 1960's. Thanks for sharing!

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