Thursday, August 4, 2011

Walter the Wolf

Walter the Wolf
Marjorie Weinman Sharmat ~ Kelly Oechsli
Holiday House, 1975

Maybe I'm not quite ready to put the 70s away, yet. Seems like I've been touching on those times a lot lately. See, it was 1976 when I entered first grade, and all the prep leading up to the boy starting has me psyched for him and all wistful and nostalgic for me. All the moments between '76 and now leave me breathless when I think about them.

But now, I'm rambling... On with the show.

How cool is this guy? Glasses, a bow tie AND tube socks!?! AWESOME.

Once there was a wolf named Walter. He had horn-rimmed spectacles and two huge, perfectly matched fangs. And there was something else about Walter. He was perfect. Being perfect was hard work. Walter did everything his mother told him to do. He practiced violin two hours a day; he took singing lessons, and he wrote poetry.

And he never used his fangs on other animals or people.

All is well and good until Walter meets Wyatt the fox, who thinks he should be using his peace-loving jaws for something more constructive that yodeling. Alas, poor Walter soon discovers that when one bites, the world bites back.

There are so many things to love about this book, starting with the wolf-tailed "R" on the cover. The cartoon panels. The playful grins on the animals. The colors. Of course, Oechsli has the Muppet connection, so there's that, too. All tied up with a nice bow that is Sharmat's legend, Nate the Great, etc. Total fun.

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Antmusic said...

Sharmat is a great author and she has had some AMAZING illustrators(Kay Chorao being one of my favorites... and Marc Simont of course)!

Laura Ottina said...

This looks lovely, Walter is so sweet!

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