Thursday, August 11, 2011

Fairy Tales and Fables

Fairy Tales and Fables
Gyo Fujikawa ~ Grosset & Dunlap, 1970

Since we're talking Gyo this week, I'll share this one, too. My son's best friend has an older sister who often suggests books for them to read, and the current obsession via big sis is The Sister's Grimm series. You guys know we're audio book nuts in this house, so if the boy hasn't been obsessively listening to The Graveyard Book over and over, we've been following the tales of sisters Sabrina and Daphne as they become fairy tale detectives.

While listening, I'm often having to go back and find original fairy tale stories to help fill in the make-believe background that my son might be unfamiliar with.

Giant storybooks like this usually do the trick.

All the favorites are here. Red. Cinderella. Three Pigs. Jack. Midas. Goldilocks. The lady who gets a sausage stuck to her nose. 50 stories in all, lovingly illustrated by sweet Gyo.

...from The Three Wishes

Soon the man lost his patience and exclaimed, "I am tired of hearing about sausage! I am tired of hearing you speak! I wish that the sausage were stuck to your nose!"

No sooner were the words out of his mouth than the sausage was hanging at the end of his wife's nose.

"Now see what you've done!" cried the wife. "You have wasted another wish by your foolish tongue! And she tried desperately to remove the sausage from the end of her nose, but it would not come off.

There's all kinds of yum in this book, which intersperses black and white ink drawings with full color paintings. Gyo was American-born of Japanese descent and though she passed in 1998, many of her books are still available, including this one that was reprinted in 2008 by Sterling. And, of course, vintage copies abound!

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Melissa@Julias Bookbag said...

Awesome. Pure Awesome! SUCH a great fairy tale book. OH I am so happy you're doing a Gyo week! I got all frenzied and tried to pack her into one day, which is a disservice to the Fabulousness that is Gyo. We love the sausage-on-the-nose story very much as well! :) ~Melissa

OnePerfectDay said...

This is so terribly cute!!!
I re-blogged one of the photos:

Thanks for sharing these. I may not leave a comment every time but I catch all updates.

Burgin Streetman said...

glad you're here! :)

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