Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Father Palmer's Wagon Ride

Farmer Palmer's Wagon Ride
William Steig ~ Farrar, Straus and Giroux, 1974

Nothing like Steig on a Wednesday. Surprisingly absent of anything otherworldly (that is if you don't count talking pigs as otherworldly), here we have the story of a pig and his donkey just trying to find their way home.

After leaving the market where he peddled leeks, turnips and lettuce, Farmer Palmer splurges on gifts for his family (and donkey, Ebenezer), only to find that the way forward is often easier than the way back. First, the storm...

In a while the road roughened and went through the woods. As the wagon hobbled over the bumps, black clouds assembled and cast the earth in shadow. Harum-scarum gusts of wind turned the leaves this way and that. Then the rain they had hoped for came, with scattered drops as big as acorns slapping down, followed by a drubbing deluge.

The road's dust disappeared and the world swam in water. Thunder rumbled, and rambled around in the distance. Then it came frightfully close. It dramberamberoomed.


A jagged knife of lightning slashed through a tree. Ebenezer and the farmer, gawking up, saw the tree descending on them and they were petrified with terror.

Both realized they would rather not die at that particular time.

Luxuriate in these awesome words for a few, will ya? Pure magic. Such a talent for spinning tales that man had. The two eventually do make it home, but not before a medley of travesties and minor hock wounds. Edge of your seat suspense and fun. Two hooves up!

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bonfire of my vanity said...

i love those. the amazing bone was one of my favorites. have you read the one about the magic pebble? it's with the donkeys. i recently reread it with my son, soooo good!

ahoi! said...

Great to finally have this one. Thanks again for the trade!

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