Monday, January 18, 2010

The Animobile Book

Jack Kent ~ Scholastic, 1976

Technically, this isn't a book. But seeing as today is a holiday and I'm taking it easy and I wanted to share something, this seemed as good a pick as any. A book that is really a DIY, pop-out mobile, it consists of lots of perforated shapes (as seen on the cover) with an animal on one side and their corresponding offspring on the other. I can't find it anywhere listed or for sale on-line due to the fact (I'm sure) that all the original copies were long ago popped-out and hung in some lucky child's room. Sorry for you. All the same, classic Jack Kent here, funny and hugely adorable. (Can you tell I'm all about Kent and Ungerer of late?)

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Victoria Stitch said...

I quite like the simplicity of the pictures in this book. Looks good for younger readers. The tadpoles are cute

Antmusic said...

GAH! Leave up to you to unearth unknown treasures for Jack Kent lovers.

Burgin Streetman said...

just wait....

Antmusic said...


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