Friday, January 15, 2010

Sunday Morning

Sunday Morning
Judith Viorst and Hillary Knight ~ Macmillian, 1968

So glad to see a lot of the vintage books I've been finding at thrift shops and looking up online are back it rotation. It warms the heart. That said, if you want to see your child get a serious case of the uncontrollable giggles, look no further than this read. My almost-five-year-old goes into utter hysterics when I pull out this book, and by the end, he's in a hyperventilating, manic state from all the laughter. The cover asks the question, "Can two boys have fun on Sunday morning when their parents want to sleep?" The answer? A gigantic, resounding YES!!!!!!!

Mother said good night and Father said tomorrow is Sunday and don't make noise and don't come in our room. We do not want to hear tie my shoes or give me breakfast or may I watch television. We do not want to hear anything until 9:45 A.M. and we'll tell you when that is.

Okay I said. See you at 9:45 A.M., whenever that is.

After a fitful night, we see the clock hit 5 A.M. and our protagonist is wide wake in bed, anxiously waiting for the day to begin. After a few pages, he enlists his little brother (my favorite part) and the reign of terror/fun begins. There's washing and dressing and brushing to be done... then eating and jumping and messing and rearranging and imagining. HUGE FUN.

The writing is Viorst at her best, and of course, the illustrations scream exuberance. Hillary Knight is so great at visualizing what a good time means. I love how the book is pictured in the lights-off silhouetted black style... so expressive... and how on the last page we see the whole family, at last, bathed white by the morning light. Very affective storytelling tool. Two thumbs up, seriously, and a couple of toes too!

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Antmusic said...

I've been looking for a hardcover of this on for a while at my thrift store jaunts...

Unknown said...

this sounds a little too close to home for us:)

Playing by the book said...

I love the sound of this! It sounds like one of our favourites - Suzi, Sam, George And Alice by Beverley Birch and Sally Gardner (not vintage, but I think it's out of print now).

Burgin Streetman said...

1994... technically only 4 years away from being "vintage" as sad as that sounds.... will have to check it out.

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