Wednesday, January 7, 2009

My Friend Charlie

My Friend Charlie
James Flora ~ Harcourt, Brace & World, 1964

Someday I'll get through all the Jim Flora books and won't that be a sad, sad day!?! My son loves this book because his uncle is named Charlie and the fact that one of his favorite folks shares names with the hero of our story tickles him to no end. And, really, shouldn't everyone have a friend like Charlie?

My friend Charlie is a pretty good old friend. I couldn't like him any better than I do, even if he owned a pony and an air rifle. There are lots of reasons why I like Charlie. Here are some:

1. He gives me half of whatever he is eating.
2. Sometimes he lets me be the pitcher in the ball game, even though he owns the ball.
3. Charlie never laughs at my nose.
4. Sometimes when I am about to be eaten by dragons, Charlie saves me.
5. Once when I cut my hand, Charlie cried too.

The whole book is utterly adorable like this and funny and sweet. Honestly, of all the Flora books I own, this one is the most children's-book-ish. The voice is so true to the way children talk and act... really, it's a joy to read aloud. And even though some outlandish stuff occurs (of course), it is all reality-based... just two little boy having a blast together. A million thumbs up!
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Debbie R said...

I was just thinking about how much I love what you do! It makes me utterly happy to see that other people really do exist that love vintage books, children's books in particular, as much as I do.
I was wondering if you have ever put together a pdf or printable list of just the names of the books and their respective author's. This would be a really cool resource to have, almost as cool as this blog itself is. I was just curious. Love what you do, please keep on doin' it! Thank you.

Burgin Streetman said...

It would be cool, but wow... what a lot of work... every day I put it off, the list just gets bigger and bigger and bigger...

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