Thursday, January 29, 2009

Dinny and Danny

Dinny and Danny
Louis Slobodkin ~ Macmillan, 1951

With all the talk of Al Gore and global warming in the news, I was delighted to find this wee ice age tickler peeking out at me from a book bin this week. The story is very relevant in that when the glaciers begin to melt, who is there to help save Danny, but his friend Dinny the Dinosaur (not to be confused with Danny and the Dinosaur, mind you!)

Once there was a very hot summer. The sun beat down and melted the glacier so much that the great meadow became a great lake. The water rose higher and higher in the great meadow. The water rose so high Dinny's mother and father and all his hundreds of brothers and sisters climbed out of the meadow so that they would not drown.Dinny saves the day for his cave people friends, and although you don't see the ultimate destruction of the dinosaurs, when you read that Dinny and Danny never see each other again, you kinda get the drift that the giant herbivore's time had come. Yet another chance for me to start the end-of-the-world-as-we-know it conversation with the boy. Fun, fun! Really, I love anything Slobodkin and my son loves anything dinosaur, so I knew the double D would be a hit. Ah yes, boys and their dinosaurs. God love them.

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D Strickland said...

This is the book that hooked me on reading. Thanks for reminding me how much I loved it!

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