Wednesday, November 5, 2008

How To Make Flibbers, etc.

How to Make Flibbers, etc.
Robert Lopshire ~ Random House, 1964

Best known for the classic Put Me in the Zoo (the unforgettable story of the wha? with colored spots who so desperately wants to be accepted), sadly, the man doesn't even have his own Wiki page, so I don't know squat about him. I couldn't find an obit so I don't know if he's dead, or why he illustrated so few books (Big Max, I Am Better That You, etc). Anybody got the 411 on this guy?

Though my son is still too small to get the full luxury out of "A Book of Things to Make and Do", I'm jacked for the day when he'll want to "grow a jungle" out of a sweet potato, make his own "Creepy Willy", wear a "Huffel Hat", or build a "two-horned noser." The later of which goes a little something like this...

1- Get a small paper bag, crayons and scissors.
2- Draw a face on the bag. Make it a funny face.
3- Cut two holes in the top of the bag, and one where the nose goes.
4- Put your hand in the bag. Put one finger in each hole.
5- Now wiggle your horns and waggle your nose.

If that doesn't spell rainy day fun, I don't know what does! I'll be curious to find out if the flibber recipe really works. Those things look cool, man.

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daysease said...

ooh, cute!!!

jessamyn said...

This was a book from my childhood. I remember hours of looking through the book trying to choose an activity. I like how it combines craft and science and just plain silliness as you can just read the book without making anything and it is still enjoyable. Thank you for sharing your book finds, i thought I was the only one who got excited over old kids books!

james at 10engines said...

i just had a look in biography database via our library school...will email you more... we just read the zoo book at home..

Anonymous said...

My children enjoyed flibbers in the seventies and eighties. Now I use a flibber to control my dogs. They aren't hurt at all, but they hate the papers in their faces and stop unwanted behavior -- most of the time.

Unknown said...

So, I have not heard of this book although I have read the others as a child. Here's the thing though, I can give you all the information you could possibly want! Well, not me but, my wife can! And it is much more interesting than you can imagine! I can offer this little tidbit for you, my understanding is that he was adopted and that day began when a Rolls Royce pulled up to the orphanage and he was selected for adoption!

Anonymous said...

My parents got my older brother and I a copy of this book in 1965 when I was three to keep us occupied during a long winter spent in Mountain Iron, MN. Even though I could only look at the pictures and pretty much get in the way of my brother's efforts, I still loved it! What wonderful memories this brings back.

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