Wednesday, November 5, 2008

We Heart Books

Tommorow, I leave for Colorado.... and yes, leave it to me to live in Texas and not check the Weather Channel until just now to find out where I am going gets down to 14 degrees at night, and I (quite literally) do not own a pair of socks... much less mittens and hats and coats and scarves and all that other stuff that goes with dressing for the snow. That said, I will be posting while away, but for tomorrow, I am letting Katie from We Heart Books take over. She is one half of the awesome Aussie mummy team (Lou is the other mother) who keep parents the world over informed of new books for tots and book-related items plus posting my most favorite weekly delight... When We Were Little Sundays. If you haven't noticed, Australian bloggers rule, so catch the wave! See you next week... that is if I don't get frost bite and die. In that case, I leave all my books and book-related items to Ben Kleinman. May I rest in peace. Cheers.

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