Friday, October 10, 2008

Pumpkin Moonshine

Pumpkin Moonshine
Tasha Tudor ~ Oxford University Press, 1938

The very first published work of Tasha Tudor, it was followed shortly thereafter by an Easter book and a Christmas story all of which are similar in size. The later of which, my mother has been forever seeking out (her childhood copy was lost), but a search online will show that Snow before Christmas is way beyond her reach at this point. This is one of those instances when I have no idea why a publisher wouldn't reprint a book, when it is so obvious there is a market for it, but, hey... that's why I blog at a substantial financial loss and they make the big bucks.

This one, however, is still in print in paperback, but my copy is a wee hardcover in library binding that I bought for 25 cents. Teenie tiny little illustrations and handwritten print make this title especially dear, and the story is charming and innocent. Pure gold really.

Sylvie Ann was visiting her grandmummy in Connecticut. It was Halloween and Sylvie wanted to make a pumpkin moonshine, so she put on her bonnet and started out for the cornfield to find the very finest and largest pumpkin. The cornfield was on top of the hill, quite a way from the house, so Sylvie took Wiggy for company. The hill was very steep, it made Sylvie and Wiggy puff like steam engines. When they reached the field, Sylvie looked among the shocks of corn for the very fattest pumpkin. Way across the field she found such a fine one!

A fine pumpkin that is so very big, poor little Sylvie can't lift it and has to roll it home. But remember, the pumpkin patch was on a hill, and what is up, must roll down. Farmyard chaos ensues, until finally the runaway pumpkin is wrangled into a pumpkin moonshine (referring of course to a jack-o-lantern) and, once again, all is right with the world.

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Anonymous said...

HELP! I'm desperately trying to find a children's book I LOVED when I was little (I'm 24). It's about a gnarly, old witch. From what I remember, it has very bright, almost neon colors... there's something in the book about a magic wand or a scepter and there's a jumble of thorny vines on one of the pages and a large, pink rose. I think it was possibly published in the 1970's or '80's. I know this is a long shot, but do you have ANY idea what I'm talking about? Your post on "Old Black Witch" made me think you might be someone who could help me in my search. If so, please email me at -- THANKS!

Burgin Streetman said...

hey kate... i have no idea what that would be but try they figure it out every time. hope this helps, and let me know if you find out!

Anonymous said...

what a joy to find a kindred spirit!
I began collecting older children's books before my granddaughter was born and have amassed a huge collection, as I fell in love with what turned out to be much of the literature and images I grew up with!
living in the desert, sand and dust are a constant challenge so most of them are boxed up for protection until I get time to organize.
If you know of any good resources for learning more I would love to know.
I look forward to sharing with another enthusiast
After the election I will be starting a second blog to go with my Etsy store opening.

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