Monday, October 13, 2008

Old Witch Rescues Halloween

Old Witch Rescues Halloween
Wende and Harry Devlin ~ Parents' Magazine Press, 1972

The third and last book in the Old Black Witch series, it's funny how the theme of this one echoes so much of modern PC culture...

Old Witch sat cracking black walnuts in the attic of the old Jog and Muffin Tearoom. The nights were growing colder and the smells of apples and cornstalks filled the winds. Only one more night until Halloween! One night! Old Witch's eyes glowed brighter. Every once in a while she hopped about in a stiff little witch's jig... Point your toe, skip and prance. It's Halloween and time to dance.

Believably, mean old Mr. Butterbean wants to spoil the town's fun and tries to cancel Halloween... "Down with Halloween! Down with noisy children! Down with tricks or treats!" Though Mr. Butterbean simply finds the holiday annoying, I know lots of other places are skipping the celebration for religious reasons and even at my son's school, costumes aren't allowed due to the fear factor.

Of late, when I question whether or not to show my son something he might think is too scary (Legend of Sleepy Hollow, Nightmare before Christmas, Bambi), I remember how all those things that spooked me when I was little helped make me who I am. Who would I be if I hadn't seen Fright Night a thousand times as a tween? To think! The horror.

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Anonymous said...

I own Old Black Witch and it's still one of my faves!!

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