Tuesday, October 14, 2008

The Around the Year Storybook

The Around the Year Storybook
Kathryn Jackson ~ pictures by J.P. Miller/ Golden Press, 1952

Written and illustrated by two of the most famous Little Golden Book gang, this Giant cousin is exactly what its subtitle describes... Over 100 Stories and Poems... all following the calendar year. Really, an indispensable resource if you are looking for a one-stop-shop reflecting all the seasons and holidays. The stories, histories and poems are really the focus, but each is accompanied by a telling drawing that illustrates the action quite nicely... take one of the two Halloween poems for instance.

Shivery Time

Boo-oo! It's that shivery-quivery time
When bogies steal out in the night:
Goblins, and witches,
and ghosties, and ghoulies--
A shivery-quivery sight!

They really will come a-trooping about,
A-trail through the shadowy street;
So light up your pumpkins,
be sure you are ready
To stop all their tricks
with a treat!

It seems like there are a few floating around on the internet, wildly varying in price ($11 to $50). I'm not sure what the real story is... but I found this copy on the shelf at a local flea market for a buck, so I'm sure there are more out there to be had. This era of Big Golden Books are just starting to become available at thrift shops and estate sales because the parents of "Generation Xers" are only now really beginning to clean house. Though, if you find this one somewhere, beat the person next to you over the head to get it away from their clutches as they sell for between $200 and $1,200... Personally, it is my holy grail and worth every penny... someday my friends... someday.

Also by:
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Lucky Mrs. Ticklefeather
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MonsterAteMy said...

Oh I remember this one! Hmm...I wonder what happened to it? Time to go digging in my attic! :o)

Anonymous said...

Great find! I love JP Miller's work. It's always exciting to find a book like this in a thrift store. The thrill of the hunt!

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