Thursday, April 9, 2009

A Tale for Easter

A Tale for Easter
Tasha Tudor ~ Henry Z. Walck, 1941

I may be around next week. I may not. We may have some guest blogging. We may not. We'll have to see how deep the East Coast sucks me in and how busy I am eating in NYC. Until then...

Three days til Easter and you'll be happy to know that tomorrow morning we are handing the keys over to the house sitter and heading to my Mom's house in Virginia... which means thrift shopping in the third world where NOBODY knows the value of a vintage children's book AND maybe I'll raid some of my childhood book stash again AND, better yet, the boy will be getting an eyeful of my mother's rehabilitating bird collection.

I've mentioned before that she does wildlife rescue and specializes in endangered birds and birds of prey. And over the past few weeks she's collected a one-winged pelican, a lame hawk and a baby owl, a mute swan and a bevy of wee little baby mallards just for my son. The boy is gonna be over the moon. To celebrate, here is the most dear little Tudor book all about Easter and the good things it brings.... most especially DUCKLINGS!

If you have been very good the whole year through, the night before Easter you will dream the loveliest dreams. One will be about a wee fawn who makes you light as thistledown and takes you on her back and gallops through the woods and fields.

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grace said...

Pumpkin Moonshine is a wonderful book.

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