Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Chicken Soup with Rice

Chicken Soup with Rice
Maurice Sendak ~ Harper Collins, 1962

So, my challenge for the rest of the month is to spotlight only books that are seasonal, Halloween or spooky-themed. I think I have enough in stock here on the 'ole bookshelf, but if I get in a jam, I can always hit the library. That said, a few weeks ago, I found an LP copy of Really Rosie at a thrift shop, and then a few weeks later, I picked up the VHS of the movie. Really Rosie was a TV special and musical based on The Nutshell Library and The Sign on Rosie's Door by Maurice Sendak with music by Carole King. Within the special, the entire text of each Nutshell Library book is played out: Chicken Soup with Rice, Pierre, One was Johnny and Alligators All Around. My boy has been obsessing over the wee little collection ever since the first viewing, and in particular, Chicken Soup with Rice.

The book is really about the months of the year with chicken soup being the thing that connects them all together. The illustrations are imaginative (of course) and the rhyming is a gas to read out loud.. maybe even Sendak's best go at the form. I've selected the haunting month for obvious reasons...

In October
I'll be host
to witches, goblins
and a ghost.
I'll serve them chicken soup on toast.
Whoopy once
whoopy twice
whoopy chicken soup
with rice.

Though these books are available separately in slightly larger paperback versions, to me the sheer lack of size in this collection is what makes them especially endearing. Not to mention, together, they almost always constitute the perfect gift. When you wanna give something more than a book, but wouldn't lower yourself to buy a book and toy combo.

Also by:
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Edi said...

I love that book! I have a few copies stashed away...I figure if a good friend gets ill I can give a copy of the book along with a can of "Chicken Soup w/Rice".

We once found a recording of the book at the library and it was fun to sing along with it...

Unknown said...

I have the miniature nutshell library that was mine when I was a child and I bring it out every once in a while for the kids . They just adore it and I have taken to giving some as gifts for good friends of my kids.

Susan Moorhead said...

I loved those books. My daughter was a "Pierre, I don't care" type (still is at 22!) and did not care that he was eaten by a lion for not mending his ways...the tiny size, the little bookslip, just charming. I really like your blog by the way.

RAY said...

I loved this book and my mother just brought my old copy up for our 6 month old (who already loves books!). I think I even have the record.

Mary Johnson said...

I love this book, it's how I got my kids to start eating soup - of course it had to be chicken soup with rice . . . with all the vegetables of course.

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