Sunday, September 23, 2007

You Will Go to the Moon

You Will Go To the Moon
Mae and Ira Freeman ~ Robert Patterson
Random House, 1959

Of late our little guy has been obsessed with the moon and more importantly, going to said moon. I've been reading him the Bernstein Bears' book as well as a signed copy of Buzz Aldrin's kids' read gifted from his aunt. But perhaps the classic is this.

My husband (aged 51), was profoundly changed by this story as a boy. I can imagine how this Beginner Book must have sparked the imaginations of a generation who were gearing up to see someone actually do it. The first jaunt didn't commence until a little over a decade later, but the amazing thing is, the book is pretty accurate on how it would happen... (All except for the part about YOU going to the moon and the non-existent moon house and the fact that I believe there were only six Apollo missions and in all likelihood no one is ever going back there.)

The moon is up there,
far away.
No one has been there yet.
But someone will go there soon.
Some day you may go there, too.

Think about all the boys and girls back in the day who thought they might make it there. That a trip to the moon would become so ho-hum that we'd be jetting around vacationing in craters. (Didn't TWA actually pre-sell tickets?) Even if it's a little outdated, it still paints a pretty impressive picture of how the trips eventually went down, and to wee little ones who don't know better, it just might make them believe they have a chance. Now, I'd like to see somebody do the followup You Will Go to Mars.

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Jules of Whimsicalnotions blog said...

my husband has and adored that book as a child,he is still a Nasa nut but doesnt enjoy the same bond as me and obviously me.I adore words i write them i have them on my walls i read them to my boys have all grown up now but all have their favourite books they adored and ones i adored too. Two of my sons are aviid readers to this day and i still have their favorite books.The terrible wikld grey hairy thing,Tog the ribber or grannys tale (my eldest said it scarred him for life really with words like
Now granny sleeps all round
with light
and that is why her hair is white
and that is why she dont speak right..i can believe it)and my very own favourite Alexander and the terrible horrible no good ,very bad day)
i love your blog.Keep up the great work
maybe i could send you and your son a vintage book sometime i collect old books esp childrens and old toys etc

Burgin Streetman said...

Thanks! My husband is still heartbroken about not going to the moon after they promised him he would go in the second grade. I absolutely love old books. My son gets one new classic book a year on his birthday just so he has some that are his own, but otherwise it is all used. I love your site. That bedroom is amazing... and we spent a month in Australia a few years back and fell in love with it. The funny thing is that is is very similiar to Texas.

The Visible Friend said...

YES! My mom picked this book up at a yard sale when I was a kid, and we read it all the time. One of my favorite books ever.

montra--trimek--pig-thailand said...


Ian Lewis said...

thanks for including the images - I have looked for years for the book about a child travelling to the moon that absolutely captivated me as a small boy - thanks to you I've now confirmed which book it was and will be able to get a copy.

Best wishes from Cambridge, England

Cambridge, England said...

thanks for posting the images - I have looked on the web for years for the moon book that captivated me as a small boy, and was able to recognise it from your blog.

Tom said...

Thanks for the memory! I remember reading this book at my Grandma's house along with all the Dr. Seuss books (They were my uncle's) As a kid, I thought the drawings were mesmerizing. I'd say that this book is part of the reason I became an artist, Would love to find a copy sometime!

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for posting this. I recall as child I had this book and its been driving me crazy trying to remember the name and find it. I loved this book although my Mom hated it.

Paul Watson said...

Thank you for this. This was my very first book I ever read at school back in the very early 60's and I have often thought of it many times over the years. That and a battery operated ray gun has kept me interested in Science Fiction and space exploration for a lifetime.

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