Monday, September 17, 2007

Prehistoric Monsters Did the Strangest Things

Prehistoric Monsters Did the Strangest Things
Leonora & Arthur Hornblow ~ Michael K. Frith ~ Random House, 1974

I love this book because a) the title... come on... AWESOME, b) the Frith drawings remind me of his Sesame Street story books of the 1970s, and c) it was the first book I discovered from the fabulous Random House Step-Up Books series, of which we now have about a dozen.

Definitely not one for the creationism set, this book is all about the boiling fire that the earth is born from, leading up to the first dinosaurs crawling out of the muck of the sea and then to the modern dinosaurish creatures of today...

Life began in the water. The water then was warm and salty. The air was hot and damp. Little plants began to grow. Soon, small creatures started to crawl on the bottom of the sea.

A great way to introduce dinosaurs and evolution and all that cool prehistoric awesome stuff to your kid. I can already see the mystery and wonder beginning to brim in my son's eyes when I read him this book. (Who knew that the brachiosaurus had a nose in that big hump on his head so that he could hide his mammoth body under water and still be able to breathe?)

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Anonymous said...

An awesome series. I have to correct some of the science in them, like how we now view sauropods, or the lemmings, etc, but most are great.

Anonymous said...

AHHHHH!!!!! I love you. I was looking all over for this book.

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