Tuesday, September 18, 2007

A House is a House For Me

A House Is a House for Me
by Mary Ann Hoberman illustrated by Betty Fraser/ published 1978 by The Viking Press

Again pushing the bounds of what is vintage, I discovered this little number at the library and can't get over how much fun it is... both in the smart, lyrical story and the super cool illustrations. Really, this title couldn't be more enjoyable. If I had a third thumb, I'd be giving it extra digit kudos!

A box is a house for a teabag.
A teapot's a house for some tea.
If you pour me a cup and I drink it all up,
Then the teahouse will turn into me!

The basic premise is that everything is a house for something if you ponder on it long enough. Since this one is truly of my era, I do feel a kinship with the style and voice, but all the same, this is a wonderful book to read aloud and look at for hours. You'll always find something new tucked into one of the pictures or read a line one way that you thought was meant to be read another. I am secretly tucking this in as one of my current favorites even if it is almost an 80s book!

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Chandra said...

Just picked this one up! LOVE it!

jengod said...

I've loved this book my whole life! I just discovered that there was another 1995 collaboration between these two. Fraser did new illustrations for Hoberman's 1980 The Cozy Book. It looks to be as precious as House.

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