Monday, September 3, 2007


by William Pène du Bois
The Viking Press, 1956

My son just received this last night as a gift, and even after only one read through this morning, he's hooked. It stars the all important animals, and on top of that is a really delightful and strange story. The friend who gifted it to us said she'd never heard of it, but then when she did research, she found out it is a book of some literary fame.

"I will make two LIONS, Foreman, and send them at once to Planet Earth. I wouldn't be surprised if LION were welcomed there as THE KING OF BEASTS. What sort of noise does LION make? Does LION roar like THUNDER?"

A tale of the Foreman of "The Animal Factory" -- a heavenly place where angels create all the creatures of the earth -- it follows the creative process involved in developing an animal as majestic and iconic as the lion.

A Caldecott Honor book in 1957, the French-born Pene du Bois has illustrated a number of famous children's books including one with Charlotte Zolotow about a boy who wants a doll. That is totally gonna be my next find!

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