Wednesday, October 26, 2011

We Love You Beatles

We Love You Beatles
Margaret Sutton ~ Doubleday, 1971

There are three musical acts my son can recognize by voice recognition alone, little Michael ala Jackson Five, Johnny Cash and The Beatles. (Notice how I've left Justin Bieber off the list, though grudgingly, he's probably earned a place on there, too, via osmosis. Darn it.)

Another gem snitched from my friend's collection, if you are a Beatles fan and have ever looked for a book that will explain who the Beatles were to your child, this one has it all.

From their meager Liverpool beginnings to art school to the Quarrymen to how Ringo joined the band to The Cavern Club to meeting the Queen and the ultimate British invasion of America. It's the early-complete history of a band every new child should know. Complete with astounding amounts of pictorial grooviness. What child doesn't love the sound of such hits as Rocky Raccoon, Yellow Submarine and Octopus's Garden? Must-have staples on every child's playlist. And so, without further...

The trees were rocking and the clouds were swaying and the flowers were swinging and the birds were dancing to the Beatles sound. "Let's sing about love and people being happy." The Beatles sing songs you can sing in the sunshine. Sing them! Sing the Beatles' songs!"

Now, obviously this book was written one year after the band officially broke up and nine years before... well...

My husband likes to fill my son in on the full history of everything, so at six, the little guy can tell you all about how John Lennon died, where he died and a very rough version of why. As for me, the only thing about John Lennon's murder I remember is watching the media circus on TV with my mother. She cried, and when Paul McCartney came on the press conference I said, "Hey, that's the guy who sings Silly Love Songs". I was eight years old and only knew Paul as the lead singer of Wings. Sad.

My boy will not grow up so culturally naive.


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Lindsay said...

"I love You Beatles" was not written by the Margaret Sutton who authored the Judy Bolton mysteries. There are several authors named Margaret Sutton. My mother, the Margaret Sutton of Judy Bolton fame, enjoyed the music of the Beatles but never wrote a book about them. Check out for more info. --Lindsay Sutton Stroh

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