Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Me Books

While I don't usually do this sort of promotion on my site, I got an e-mail this morning touting Me Books, a company that has teamed with Penguin to turn vintage Ladybird Books into an iPad app. OMG! This is beyond cute. I have a small collection of these books I keep on my desk. The man who contacted me said when they scanned the books, they kept dog-ear marks and everything. Delightful! Why I still don't have an iPad yet is beyond me, because I would have downloaded this app, like, ten minutes ago. More people need to do MORE stuff like this.

Great work you guys!


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Laura Catalán said...

That's a lovely application, it brings kids easily books that otherwise would be hard to find.

Yesterday I found your blog and I am speechless...have already spent hours going through the archive, it is amazing! Being an illustrator myself I have learned so much. Can't tell you how glad I am your blog exists, and thank you for sharing all your treasures with us.


Burgin Streetman said...

Thanks Laura. Love your illustrations....

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