Thursday, July 14, 2011

Boy, Was I Mad!

Boy, Was I Mad!
Kathryn Hitte ~ Mercer Mayer ~ Parents' Magazine Press, 1969

People often mention that Mayer was heavily influenced by Sendak, and no place is that more evident than here... particularly in the picture above with the dogs. Those definitely look like Sendak dogs. I love both these men, and if Mayer did lift some of his styling in the beginning, he sure added his own humorous spin that the seriousness of Sendak sometimes overshadows. I was influenced by both men equally growing up, so I don't like to draw comparisons as they both hold separate but special places in my heart. Besides, Hitte's story is pretty darn cute, too...

I was mad one day,.
I mean REALLY mad!
So I ran away.
I stuck a sandwich in my pocket,
and left my house fast,
and I didn't look back.
I wouldn't look back at my house for anything,
I was so mad that day--
that day when I ran away.

Off he goes and meets some workmen who give him a hard hat and let him help... until he remembers how mad he is and moves on... He gets to drive a horse-drawn wagon, until he remembers how mad he is and gives up... he meets dogs and babies and ants... so much cool stuff that he eventually forgets why he was mad in the first place and find himself home again.

Darling! Nothing not to love here.

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Antmusic said...

Thank you for posting this one! Gotta love those illustrations! We just got Mercer Mayer's "I am a Hunter" at a decent price (1st print, ex-library) this week!

Burgin Streetman said...

I've never seen that one before... guest post?

Meggan said...

Oh gosh! I had forgotten all about this book. It really does look a lot like Sendak. I think I remember being confused by this when I was a kid.

Antmusic said...

Hmm... Maybe. It isn't a favorite just a happy find. I haven't even shared it yet with my kids. I am working on two blogs for my site. One is a reveal of some previously unreported Mercer Mayer art (that he couldn't even tell me about).

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