Thursday, January 13, 2011

Herbert the Timid Dragon

Herbert the Timid Dragon
Mercer Mayer ~ Golden, 1980

I've had Mayer on the mind again this week as I traded stoppingoffplace a vintage hard copy of Munari's Zoo for a hardcover of One Monster After Another, and it's been high in the rotation ever since. (Now that we have a hardcover, it means I'll be gifting our paperback edition on Monday, so stay tuned.) I never had this particular Mayer as a child. I might have been moving away from picture books by that time as I don't remember encountering it at all. It wasn't until someone mentioned it here (Chandra?) that I went out looking and ultimately ended up buying it online.

My son's a sucker for Mayer, but even more so for dragons, so this one was a nice fit. Birds, dinosaurs, mythical flying creatures, Harry Potter... that's my boy in a nutshell... though now Percy Jackson [Rick's from San Antonio and grew up in our neighborhood] and d'Aulaire's Book of Greek Myths and Spiderwick are finding themselves big parts of his adolescent imagination. I've never really been into science fiction or fantasy, but when we ventured into the adult fiction section the other day to look for a birthday present, he found a row of Piers Anthony books and almost imploded with excitement over the griffins and such on the covers. Now, I'm already picturing posters of semi-clad medieval women on his bedroom wall. (Shiver.) But, again, I digress. For now, the tales of a not-so-fearsome dragon named Herbert (ala The Reluctant Dragon) will have to suffice.

Herbert the Dragon lived in a snug cave at the edge of the forest wild. Every night at bedtime, Herbert read a story from his favorite book, KNIGHTS IN ARMOR. He loved the exciting tales of brave knights and princesses in distress. "I wish I were a brave knight in armor," thought Herbert. But Herbert wasn't brave. As a matter of fact, Herbert was rather timid. You might even say he was afraid of his own shadow.

His own shadow indeed, yet when he goes out in search of adventure, he meets a princess and becomes an accidental hero. Though it's around this period that I think Mayer begins to lose some of the depth in his drawings, Herbert's still pretty rad. Many people hold fond memories of him as a semi-animated Golden featurette, but to me, his real appeal sits on the page, just as busy and fun-filled as any Mayer ever was.

It's the details that delight... 'cause really, who wouldn't love a book by...


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Chandra said...

Yes it was me! And yay for you getting your own copy!!!

Honey said...

For god's sake, don't let your child read Piers Anthony. He is really big on rape, incest, child molesting and so on.

Burgin Streetman said...

Honey, ha! Don't sweat it sister... I could tell by the heaving chests on the cover that that dude has some major sexual, um, "issues". I'm sure he just uses all the fantastical animals to lure all the sweet, innocent boys in.... needless to say, I won't be letting the boy loose in the adult fiction section anytime soon, but thanks for the heads up.

Chandra said...

This seems like true serendipity to me - I actually finally found my own copy of Herbert today! And I got it for FREE! I had a $5 coupon for Half Price Books and Herbert was only $1.98. (I also got a copy of Steig's Amos & Boris). And earlier this week I found a copy of Hilary Knight's Cinderella that I've been pining over for the past few years. I feel like I'm on fire - my book finding mojo is strong right now. I only share because I think you're one of the few people who know the feeling ;-)

Burgin Streetman said...

Cinderella!?! I've never seen that.... ugh... it never ends. I LOVE YOU!

Chandra said...

No, it truly never ends. I just discovered a Hilary Knight Beauty & the Beast (with intro by Jean Cocteau!) I couldn't resist and ordered a copy online...

Nice write up here:

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