Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Monty Mouse looks for adventure

Monty Mouse looks for adventure
Etsa de Fossard ~ Haworth Bartram
Childerset, 1976

Honestly, I don't know much about this book, though I have a vague memory of either a reader or someone at We Heart Books mentioning the series. I know the author is Australian (as is the book, I believe), but if there is any lore surrounding its taxidermy beginnings, I know it not.

All dead mice aside, the story is pretty hilarious, and once I spotted it in the thrift shop the other day, I started salivating for the rest in the series, in particular, Huff the Grumbling Pigeon. Stellar.

Monty was a mouse who loved adventure. But his mother didn't. She said adventures often bring more trouble than they are worth. She wanted him to do sensible things, like making his bed and washing the dishes. Worst of all she made him take a bath occasionally.

Monty hated talking a bath.

Well, once Monty decides he's done with baths, the only other logical option is to head out on his own in search of something awesome. He meets a puppy who shows him the delectable nature of porridge. Then, he attempts to untrap a mouse trap, gets doused in sugar and steals a skate full of pastries, before almost being crushed by a donut and swept away. And can you guess where he ends up?

Right back in the bath.

Though I don't necessarily agree with the non-adventuring moral of the story, it's probably smart to keep a young mouse on a short leash, no matter how dead said mouse already is.


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kristina@beancakes said...

that is toooo cute! love your blog btw ;) i'm a big fan of children's books ~ vintage children's books.
xo ~ kristina

Anonymous said...

I adored this book as a child. I'd love to be able to buy it now. I also loved Good Bye Ruby Red!!

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