Wednesday, May 11, 2011


Brian Wildsmith ~ Oxford University Press, 1968

Just in case you haven't had enough Wildsmith of late, here's one more to add to your subconscious. Following the same theme as our family favorite, Birds, (d'uh), here Brian uses grouping names as a conduit to share his lovely underwater illustrations.

His visuals are always astounding.

A herd of sea horses.

A company of archerfish.

A glide of flying fish.

There's a quote on Brian's Website that I thought particularly lovely. “I believe that beautiful picture books are vitally important in subconsciously forming a child’s visual appreciation, which will bear fruit in later life.”

Here, here. If you are interested in reading more, a great interview with the artist ran in the Independent last spring. It's a fun read, but in knowing a lot about Brian's picture books and his eye for color, the design geek in me really just wants to see pictures of his house. Right?

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Laura Ottina said...

I can never have enough Brian Wildsmith!

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