Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Who's Got the Apple?

Who's Got the Apple?
Jan Lööf ~ translated and adapted by Ole Risom and Linda Hayward
Random House, 1975

Now that I'm on a roll... one last nod to the Swede Jan Lööf and then I'm done (at least for now). This week is our "Race to Read" at school, a program that I find kinda nice and kinda obnoxious. Kind of obnoxious because it sorta sucks the fun out of reading by making it competitive, and as this is kindergarten, the actual race depends more on parent participation that on that of the child, bringing attention to the kid whose parent doesn't even bother to read the paperwork and ends up with not a book on her/his list. And kinda fun, because, hey, we are read all the time anyways. I'm unsure of the effect the contest has on a child in a non-reading family, but maybe it ups their game. Who knows? All I know is that this week, I've been strategically going through the shelves pulling out all the old favorites we haven't seen in a while and having a blast.

Which is completely unrelated to my post today as I'm just rambling. Ha!

Anywho... I have vague memories of Who's Got the Apple?, not that I owned it, but I'm sure it got my attention on one library/book store visit or another. Soooo, there's this guy in a swanky, black pinstriped suit who gets ripped off by a fruit salesman...

Since it was April Fools' Day, the storekeeper decided to play a joke. He gave the man a plastic green apple, telling him to let it ripen. Then the storekeeper went outside to see how his giant red apple was doing. He was sure it would win first frize at the county fair.

The man in the striped suit went home with his plastic green apple. He did not know that he had been fooled.

In possibly the ultimate karma story, one thing leads to another as after a bird, a cat, a little boy, a bank robber, a student, and a fireman chain-interact, the red apple ends up in the hands of its rightful owner. Very cool sequence of events, and again, I can't get enough of this illustration style... further fueling my new kids' book crush. Oh, and the boy loves it, too, but in this case, that might be beside the point.

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sandy said...

i love this blog.

MoB said...

i love vintage kids' books, though not for kids, but for myself! Now that i got a kindle i'm looking for digital versions of all the books i loved as a child.

nanoalchemist said...

Race to Read. Sigh. We had something like that in 2nd grade. You HAD to read X number of books a week. Which, if you're reading chapter books, is pretty hard to do. So, my Mom, in one of the few "cool mom" moments, let me read "Mr Paint Pig" multiple times a week, and signed off on it.

Any chance you'll cover "The Magic Well?"


Silvia said...

for a chance to win!

thanks for the give aways

Shadi said...

I'm collecting interesting books for my little art shop/studio. I do different activities with kids here at my studio. We would love to have this book on our shelf. Kids will love it. Thanks : )

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