Thursday, June 11, 2009

The Fox and the Crow and 10 Other Tales

The Fox and the Crow
Jack Kent ~ Firefly, 1972

Jack Kent this and Jack Kent that... I know, I know. But love is love. A reprint incarnation of Jack Kent's Fables of Aesop by Parent's Magazine Press, I couldn't help myself. His illustrations are edible, and I wish I could start a T-shirt line with his funny little characters as iron-on inspiration. Each image screams fun! Oh, his books make me and the boy so happy. I am desperately seeking the King Aroo cartoon strip collection, and recently found online (surprise, surprise) that he lived in San Antonio. "Kent met his wife, June Kilstofte, in San Antonio, Texas, where he was living when a local newspaper sent her to interview him about King Aroo: they named their home on the banks of the San Antonio river "King Aroo's Castle". So hep, no?

From The Ass in the Lion's Skin...

An ass found a lion's skin and put it on. Then went around scaring people. Everyone ran when they saw his. They thought he was a lion. After a while he began to think he was a lion, too. he opened his mouth to roar, but all that came out was... HEE HAW! "Oh, it's you, is it?" said the fox. "You had me fooled until you opened your mouth."

Moral of the story...

Sometimes you can get more respect by keeping your mouth shut.

Too true. Too true. If you are not familiar with the thousands of years old fables, I won't give away the moral of the exploding frog picture. Tickle, tickle.

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Antmusic said...

So... this is an exact reprint of "Jack Kent's Fables of Aesop"?

I just want to know if I should be looking for both, or 1 or the other.


Josephine Tale Peddler said...

A T-shirt line would be wonderful! I'd buy one for sure!

Jennifer said...

Oooh, I've got to find this one! I am so pleased at the Jack Kent books you find - they're all new ones to me. By the way, I tell the "exploding frog fable" to kindergarteners every summer in summer school....complete with a loud bang at the end!

Burgin Streetman said...

I don't think it's exactly the same. I always go with buying the original, but if I stumble across it, I take what I can get.

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