Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Songs We Sing From Rodgers and Hammerstein

Songs We Sing from Rodgers and Hammerstein
illustrated by William Dugan ~ Golden Press, 1957

I am moments away from wrapping this book for Christmas to gift to two little girls I know, and I am sad to see it go. Part of me hopes that their estate sale-loving mother has already stumbled across it before so I can take it back home with me. But part of me knows, probably not. As much as I love it, this will totally make two little musical-happy girls way more delighted than crusty old me. I've scanned so many pictures here, because I just couldn't decide which ones were more awesome... they are all so great. As the cover states, these are piano arrangements of popular songs from Oklahoma, South Pacific, Carousel, Pipe Dream, State Fair, Allegra, and The King and I. I will let its awesomeness speak for itself. (Take special note however of the corn that's as high as an elephant's eye. That slays me!)

Oh, what a beautiful morning
Oh, what a beautiful day
I've got a beautiful feeling
Every thing's going my way!

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katie@weheartbooks.com said...

This looks stunning - what a gift! Nothing better than finding the perfect gift for some special people at Christmas. A lovely post to read on Christmas Eve.
Have a wonderful Christmas!

Nancy Arruda said...

Hi, My sister and I left a butterfly award over at our blog for you. We adore vintage books and you're awesome for sharing them. These illustrations are super fun the girls will love this musical book :) Merry Christmas!

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