Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Christmas is Together-Time

Christmas Is Together-Time
Charles M. Schulz ~ Determined Productions, 1964

We always had these little gifty Peanuts books floating around in my youth, but I purchased this particular Christmas title a few months back at a thrift shop. Perhaps when I was young I didn't quite get the depth of wit and cynicism Charles was famous for, but still the child-size pages and hilarious illustrations always tickled my funny bone. (Plus, in this case, it gives me some way of reinforcing the message in A Charlie Brown Christmas for my boy.)

As with most of his books like this, each page has a picture and a nugget of wisdom, some biting and sharp, others sentimental and laced with religion (as Schultz's stuff was sometimes prone to be). You don't have to be a Peanuts fan or a cartoon nut to find the humor in these oh-so-naughty choice anecdotes...

Christmas is when you hug your little brother.
Christmas is when you realize how little you can buy with fifty cents.
Christmas is when people say nice things to you who otherwise don't even know you're alive.

... and these equally awesome oh-so-nice heart defrosters...

Christmas is a box of tree ornaments that become part of the family.
Christmas is the joy of giving but getting is pretty good too.
Christmas makes the rest of the year worthwhile.

And possibly the one that will mean the most to the readers of my crusty little blog...

Christmas is suggesting we decorate the tree with strings of popcorn and cranberries like in the old days, but we never do.

Oh so true, that's what makes it funny.

***This particular copy is inscribed: Merry Christmas from Eva May '64. Seeing as my own great grandmother's name was Alda Lee, I'm a sucker for those two word Victorian names. Soooo cool.***


Jonathan said...

Thanks again for the Beatrix Potter books! We received them and are going to put them under the tree for Jonathan. THANKS for your generosity!

Jonathan's mom

peachey said...

this is wonderful!

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