Wednesday, November 7, 2007


by Jane Werner Watson with pictures by Eloise Wilkin/ published 1958 by Little Golden Books

The Little Golden Books queen, Eloise's illustrations ran throughout my childhood. Her cherub, Scandinavian-looking faces reflected all I thought to be perfect and sweet and good in life. My son is mad for this book and because of it, has been able to identify his purple martins and wood thrushes since 16 months.

Some birds fly far.
Some fly so far we cannot see how they find their way.
For they fly hundreds of miles through pathless sky.

I am somewhat of a nature picture book nut, and this one does what many cannot. It seamlessly integrates being an educational tome with being an entertaining picture book. Most nature books have a hard time being a poetic read, but this one achieves both masterfully. One of my all-time favorite read-alouds to my son. He loves it, and also thinks the little girl pictured here looks like his favorite person in the world, so that is an added bonus.

This is one of those books that takes me so far back into my childhood, that it makes me want to cry just touching the pages.

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