Monday, November 19, 2007

Jenny's Birthday Book

Jenny's Birthday Book
Esther Averill/ published 1954 by Harper & Row

Fans of Esther's classic, The Fire Cat, will love this one. Pickles (the fire cat) makes a guest appearance at Jenny's birthday bash in what could possibly be the cutest animal party ever. The illustrations welcome more color than the ones in its sister book, which is nice and really gives life to the rosy-ness of the story.

This is the day - the day of days -
the birthday of the little shy black cat named Jenny Linsky.
Somehow it seems as if the sun were shining
and the roses blooming just for her.

New York Review of Books has republished this and the other books in the Jenny series, so if you can't find a vintage copy, new copies abound. The NYROB only picks the best out-of-print titles and you can totally see why they'd want to get these back into circulation. Any cat with a last name is OK in my book.

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