Friday, August 8, 2008

The Golden Bible

The Golden Bible
selected and arranged by Elsa Jane Werner, illustrated by Feodor Rojankovsky/ published 1946 by Simon and Schuster

It's weird, but this guy has been sort of the laureate of my stay here in Virginia. Every book I see in a store or pick up around the house was illustrated by Rojankovsky. Inscribed with my mom's initials, I have vague memories that this book was around, but it was not the children's bible I most remember... the one from which I first saw the shaft of light coming from the sky onto Jesus' head.... making me forever call those sorts of sun rays "Jesus Rays".

As you returning readers know, my thoughts on religion are pretty broad and wide open, but to me basic bible stories, regardless of your beliefs, are classic stories that speak to anyone about what it means to try and be a good person within the world. Epic. Majestic. Timeless. Those are the types of words that come to mind when I flip through the pages of what has to be the most lavish children's bible of all time.

Of course, what you see here is Genesis 6-9; "Noah and the Great Flood". And, of course, you know why I selected it. (PS and FYI... my son digs animals. Duh.)

Noah was a just man, the best of all the men of his time, and he lived by God's rules. He had three sons, named Shem, Ham, and Japheth. God said to Noah, "I will destroy all living things on the earth, for the earth is filled with evil because of them."

Next comes the two by two and the rain and the dove... yea, yea. We all know what happens from there.... for any kid that could use a lesson in religious metaphor or needs a brush up on how "Daniel in the Lions' Den" turns out (Daniel comes out of the den unscathed, remember?) this book is for you...

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