Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Out of Print Crawlers

Just checking in after a great vacation and my birthday! Back this week with a special post on a childhood book holy grail I finally was reunited with a while back, but in the meantime.... Out of Print finally has a baby line: Goodnight Moon, The Little Prince... and who is ready for a The Day the Cow Sneezed onesie!?! Soooo incredibly awesome, (though don't tell anyone, I've been prone to making bootleg vintage kids' book t-shirts for personal use over the years. My son might be the only person in the world with Beast of Monsieur Racine and Little Peep t-shirts to call his own. Tee hee.)

Hope you kids are having a great summer!


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Whitney said...

Burgin! These are fantastic!! That whole site is!! I think I might have to give them a shout out on PP&PB too! And happy birthday to you as well!!

Rosemond said...

Hi, Burgin! I've just started a giveaway hop on my site that's vintage/classic book inspired! I thought you might be interested! I hope you will link up!

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