Thursday, April 19, 2012

Still Another Alphabet Book

Still Another Alphabet Book
Seymour Chwast ~ Martin Stephen Moskof
MacGraw-Hill, 1969

Always a joy when graphic designers and children's books intersect. Created by two of the best in their day, Seymour and Martin made a handful of books together, all with a signature bold and trippy look.

Here, we have a playful take on the alphabet, in full 60s/70s color. Described in the front as both "a puzzle and a game", every spread features a wild and wonderful illustration with the aphabet printed at the bottom. In each, certain letters are highlighted, and it's up to the reader to guess from the letters what the picture is illustrating. This sort of enthusiasm is what the alphabet has always needed, in my opinion. Bright and fun and totally enchanting...



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