Thursday, April 26, 2012

Did a Bear Just Walk There?

Did a Bear Just Walk There?
Ann Rand ~ A. Birnbaum ~ Harcourt, Brace & World, 1966

Noted children's book author and wife to famed designer Paul, here, Ann Rand takes us into the secret, unknown world of animals, beautifully illustrated with simple brush strokes and color.

I have secrets,
so do you,
and animals and even things
have secrets too.

Where a dog hides his bone... how a roaming pigeon finds its a turtle lives to be so old... All the sorts of questions that children wonder when they are discovering their inner lives.

Secrets can be found
up and down,
in and out,
and all around.
So next time you see
tracks on the ground
why not ask:
Was that a dog or a cat?
Or maybe...perhaps...
did a bear just walk there?

All the wonders of life that are so hard to explain but enormous to imagine. All the questions in the universe that are so amazing to ponder even if they are impossible to answer. Makes me long for those long summer afternoons when we all had nothing better to do than wonder.

To be seven again...

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